11 Not So Subtle Signs That Someone Has No Life

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Ever feel that sinking feeling someone’s life might be a bit…empty? It’s not just social media. The truth is, certain habits and behaviors can expose a lack of real-world fulfillment.

Gossiping about others


Someone asked on Reddit the exact same question: “What Screams ‘I Have No Life?'” The most upvoted answer stated, “Only ever talking badly about other people.” It is draining, and who needs all that negativity? Plus, imagine all the effort you put into observing and directing one’s life. It is just a waste.

Calling 911 over innocent kids


Though it sounds strange, one of the most liked answers that scream You Have No Life said, “Calling cops on kids with a lemonade stand.” First, no one wants to be a Scrooge. Secondly, unless the children were violent and you feared for your well-being, you might have to reconsider what you’re doing with your time. And life, in general.

Posting on social media all the time


The only thing worse than updating your followers about how you found the perfect potatoes or got a new shirt is, according to a Reddit poster, “Vague, dramatic posts that clearly exist to bait people to ask what’s wrong or what you’re talking about.” One thing people appear to forget about social media is to be in the moment. The rest is just annoying people.

Mom groups on Facebook


One Reddit user confessed, “Those Facebook mom groups are the worst! Nothing but drama and bashing on one another. Well, at least the one I used to be in.” Others added that the issues include ” humble bragging” and toxic advice. If you don’t see a problem with these types of groups, you might need to get a life.

High school energy in an adult world


Many bullies at work or in your neighborhood have the same energy as a high school mean girl. What’s even worse is expecting others to treat you kindly while you’re busy with your antics. It’s time to grow up and leave childish behaviors to children.

Arguing on internet

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Arguing with a screen is one of the biggest red flags that you need to get a life. As some Reddit users noted, “I’d rather argue with a chatbot.” However, one person argued, “I argue with trolls on Reddit so that I’m less toxic in the real world.” But why not just become less toxic?

Updating on your relationships

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People complain about the lack of privacy, but at the same time, many willingly post and gossip about their relationships. One person on Reddit reminded, “There’s been studies that show people in healthier relationships tend not to post about their relationships on social media very often.”

Bragging about working hard

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One person talked about their experience and made a valid point, “I used to do this. I had one job full-time working the night shift and got a second job part-time for fun at Starbucks. I’d do anywhere from 45-70 hours a week and did 24-hour work days a couple of times. I really did have no life then, and I was depressed; I worked so much to avoid feeling anything. It was a sad time in my life.”

Always talking about your kids

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If you are one of those parents who are always talking about your children, you might have an identity crisis. One shared, “It’s possible to have a personality outside of being a parent.” Being a parent is just one part of your life, and you need to reevaluate your time and think about what you can do outside of being a mom or dad.

Being emotionally invested in the lives of celebrities

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While some called it “creepy,” others were baffled by people who create fan accounts and spend time not just reading but also discussing the latest from the British royal family or reality TV shows. Celebrities are entertaining, but trying to live through them is just unhealthy.

Judging other people’s hobbies

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A Reddit poster shared, “‘HA, playing video games?! Can’t you do anything useful with your life?! – Yelled condescendingly by people who more often than not spend the majority of their evenings watching television.” You don’t have to like or understand someone’s hobby, but what’s the point of judging or mocking them?