12 Key Things Everyone Should Know About Their Partner

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Finding out things about your partner is exciting but has a broader meaning because it can determine whether you’re compatible on a deeper level. Learning about your partner is like opening a new book, and each chapter carries its weight. Yet, most of us forget to ask some key things that could be useful to our significant other (SO) and help us find our place in their lives, like their goals, views on life, and which events shaped them. Check how much you genuinely know your loved one through this list. 

Their beliefs


Knowing your partner’s beliefs regarding politics, religion, relationships, and children can make or break a relationship. While you don’t have to align with their beliefs completely, you need to talk about these issues because they reflect your values, and finding common ground will help you grow as a couple. 

Their needs and past experiences 


Talking about exes can be beneficial because it opens up new ways of communication. By discussing past relationships, you learn about your partner’s needs and what they expect from you, and vice versa. It can reveal more about your compatibility and strengthen your relationship because no topic should be off-limits if you know each other’s boundaries and want to expand your connection. 

Their goals 

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Knowing your partner’s relationship or professional goal helps you understand them better. It is also a test to see where you stand when it comes to the rest of your lives. Building a life together is not always easy, but knowing how to support and encourage each other while working toward your goals as a couple can only make obstacles seem smaller. 

Their financial situation


You may know your partner’s daily spending habits, but their financial views will affect your life as the relationship progresses. Talking about money is always awkward, but we cannot pretend that love alone is enough. The way someone manages their money says a lot about their lifestyle, making it another way to see how compatible you are. 

Their family dynamics 

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Past experiences shape us and can significantly impact our future. Many people carry negative experiences from their childhood into adulthood, so these conversations can help them overcome past difficulties. Not only is this a question of what kind of family they aim to have, but how they talk about their parents can reveal their struggles, values, and shortcomings because we all have some. 

Their medical issues 

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Knowing about your partner’s allergies can be lifesaving. Similarly, if they have a medical condition, you should know how to react, which medications they take, or how it impacts their everyday life. This goes both ways, and while it might be a less romantic topic than politics, it is relevant because you both need to know how to care for each other. 

Their routine 

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Even people without routines have daily habits, and knowing them can help you determine how they mesh and how they can affect your partnership. You likely picked up how they spend their days, but hearing them speak about it can reveal their character, work ethics, and relationships with others.

Their strengths and weaknesses


These qualities, which can be found in everyone’s CV, are important because they speak to their openness, respect, and struggles. It can help you find ways to be more supportive and helping, but it is important to note that it is never okay to use someone’s weaknesses against them in order to win an argument. 

Their life before you


Knowing their favorite childhood memories, first pets, crushes, failures, and embarrassing stories can be a bonding experience. There are levels of privacy that should be respected, but these seemingly little things made a person you fell in love with. You might find that you share more in common than you first thought, making it easier to relate to your partner even when navigating life challenges. 

Their turn-ons 

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Physical intimacy is essential to a healthy relationship. You want to be comfortable exploring needs and wants, and it starts with open conversations. Intimacy is rarely as clinical as it sounds and comes in several forms, including emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. That’s why talking helps improve things between the sheets. 

Their emotional responses 

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Some people like to take time to cool off. Others get anxious if they can’t find a solution right away. Some people withdraw, and all these things are essential for a partner because they need to know when to be supportive or back off. Since it goes both ways, navigating tough situations will be more challenging if your emotional responses clash. 

Their expressions of love 


Discovering one’s love language is intriguing and exciting, but there’s more than what meets the eye. Love language can be about making someone’s perfect day come true. It is also about boundaries, PDA, understanding, and sacrifices, so knowing about your SO’s expressions of love can be a lifelong journey. 

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