12 Myths About What Women Over 50 Should and Shouldn’t Wear

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Fashion rules are made to be broken, and many things that were unacceptable 20 years ago are now standard. But, for whatever reason, mature women are still stuck with a number of rules that are too constricting and take the fun out of fashion. Here are some debunked myths you will recognize that will help you improve your style regardless of whether you are in your 50s or 70s. 

No jeans after 50


Famous designer Carolina Herrera said not long ago that wearing jeans after 30 doesn’t look right. One survey in Britain reported that women should stop wearing jeans after age 53. Is that ageist? Absolutely. Age should not be an issue if you feel comfortable in a good pair of jeans. Some women in their 70s look better in jeans than women in their 20s. The only thing that is a must is that jeans should fit your body type, and wearing the wrong size can leave you looking shapeless.

Minimalistic and classy


Another myth is that women in their 50s and beyond should aim for simplistic looks because they are believed to be classy. The late Iris Apfel rocked maximalism until the end, and she is a timeless fashion icon. It is about your preferences. It should be noted that looking classy is more than what you wear. Your posture, hairstyle, gestures, and how you carry yourself make you stand out. 

Match your shoes and bag


If you are over 60, you likely remember that matching shoes with a bag was a fashion favorite once upon a time. This is a practical and safe choice. However, a pair of red sneakers will look better with a camel or a black tote, for example. Expand your fashion choices by adding color to your footwear and accessories if you want to step outside your comfort zone and make a fashion statement. 

Shapewear is a must


Mature women are constantly told that shapewear will smooth out everything, so you must wear them. However, this myth is not only ageist but dangerous. If the shapewear doesn’t fit properly, it can compress blood vessels, which can lead to blood clots. It is best to save it for special occasions and give yourself some love with regular workouts and a healthy diet. 

Plain, bright colors 

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Mature women should wear plain, bright colors, like pink, royal blue, red, or green, or at least one of the standard fashion myths. The explanation says that dark colors can drain your appearance. In reality, you should wear colors that suit your skin tone and preferences. 

Stick to classic styles 

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Classic styles can be suitable if you are out of ideas, but after a certain age, people care less about what others think. It is a great time to be playful with your fashion choices. Trench coats, white shirts, and cardigans are nice, but you can always take the best out of the season’s trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe. 

No high heels 


Mature women were told they should skip high heels and embrace flats. Many women agree with this, but not because of fashion and age. Most choose comfort over sky-high heels because they are healthier, and the long-term effects of wearing heels can lead to ankle sprains, poor posture, and knee pain. 

No cleavage


Many mature women feel unconfident in their bodies, and some fashion rules only amplify these insecurities. One urban myth says that cleavage is a young woman’s game, but if you feel feminine and beautiful and you know are comfortable with showing off some skin, go for it. 

Cut your hair


You have probably heard it numerous times: women will look younger if they chop off their locks. In reality, it depends on your hair quality and preferences. There are no rules regarding hair length, though you should aim to keep your hair healthy, whether dyed or grey, long or short. 

Don’t mix prints 


We can agree that mixing prints is a challenge, but that’s what makes it fun. The rule about mixing prints was initially implied to all generations. Then, it was lifted for younger women, and now it is time to break it altogether. Animal print and tartan can look amazing, but you have to have a personality that matches. This look is appealing because red and wild cats are a fantastic fit, but wear it only if you like eccentric looks. 

Sequins are for nighttime


Sequins are not everyone’s favorite, but no rule says you must only wear them at nighttime. A dash of sequins can look beautiful on a sunny day, and it can be a cute top or a mid-length skirt. To make the sequins look casual, complete the look with a plain tee or flare jeans. 

Don’t wear baggy clothes

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Baggy clothes have been a trend for a couple of years, and this trend is not going anywhere. Yes, they might make you appear bulkier, but you can even things out or make the clothes more feminine. For example, pair a baggy shirt with skinny jeans or baggy pants with a fitted tee. You can also wear baggy pants with an oversized shirt but with a belt. Another idea to wear baggy on baggy is to pick a top that drops on one shoulder. 

Dress you age


All these outdated rules and fashion myths tell you to dress your age. But that limits your style, creates unwanted boundaries, and takes out the fun. We are never too old to play dress up if that makes us feel better. 

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