14 Inconvenient Things You Don’t Want to Hear But Need To 

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Every now and again, there’s time to face the music and remember that life is not cuddling anyone. It is ruthless, goes by too fast, and often, facing the harsh truths is the only way to get us moving. So, we chose some of the most inspiring, brutal, and inconvenient life truths that will likely push you to improve. 

You are not in control 


Life is full of surprises, and the more you think you have control, the more miserable you’ll be. You can only control your reactions and thoughts. Letting go of control is the most powerful move, yet 99,9% of people would rather live in pain and sadness than let go. 

You don’t miss them


If you think you miss an ex-lover, what you truly miss is the person you were around them. You miss the feelings you felt and how you saw yourself, but not the actual person. Exes are exes for a reason, but it is often easier to be miserable than to accept that you’ve changed. 

Successful people vs. the rest of us 

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Many think that success comes from luck, super intelligence, or creativity. But, the harsh truth is that successful people are better at executing ideas. Stop worshiping people because that’s time-consuming. Instead, focus on what you can do to be one of them. 

Your resources are limited


Money isn’t your most valuable asset. You have three, and all of them are gone for good once you waste them. They are time, energy, and attention. You are not limitless, nor are your powers, so use them wisely. 

Human nature


No one cares what you do or how you think unless it somehow benefits them. It is human nature to be self-involved and think only about their well-being. You should consider yourself lucky if you have one good friend and decent family relations. 

The rules 


What if David Beckham took his skills to a basketball game? He would benched. The point is that he would not complain about the game, and neither should you. Instead, learn the rules, even if you don’t like them. It is the only way to play. 

Money and happiness

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Sure, money can’t buy happiness, and once you get it, you realize that. But, it buys financial freedom, better health care, life experiences, food, and private jets, so everyone would rather be miserable in luxury than in poverty. 

It doesn’t matter what happened 


You may curse your faith or think that the universe conspired to make your life a living hell. However, whatever you’re going through is not as bad as your reaction to it. You have the power to control your reactions, but most of us simply don’t. It is too comfortable to feel miserable. 

Take action 


You know what you need to do. The amount of planning, brainstorming, and rethinking is nothing but procrastination. Success means taking action and doing tedious things every day for many years until you become the master of skills. And if you took action instead of brainstorming your every move, you would already be living a better life. 

Love is never enough 


Love, as seen on TV or in books, is unrealistic. It is a myth. Love is conditional, and often, people only realize it once they lose because some people’s personalities don’t fit. There are more important things to maintain a healthy relationship, like respect, stability, and honesty. Love alone is an illusion.

No one will be there


No one will come to save you unless you are ready to save yourself. No one will make you happy unless you choose to be satisfied. Basically, you need other people because that’s human nature, but we are all selfish in our ways. You are in your way if you think others will be there for you because you once helped them. 

Everyone is going to die, and you have no idea when 


It is unfortunate, and you can’t prepare yourself, but everyone around you, including you, will leave this planet at some point. You can spend your time in fear or appreciate everyday interactions with those you love, trust, and cherish each moment.

We always want what we can’t have


This, too, is part of human nature. Our vanity and desire to be seen as more valuable are driving us to crave what we can’t have. We’re not programmed to be satisfied, which motivates us to seek more. But, there will always be more of what we don’t have, so establishing a balance between gratefulness and achievements is one of life’s greatest mysteries. 

Your self-talk is running your life


Think of how much negativity you pour into yourself about yourself every minute of every day. Would you say those things to the person you like? If you want to become successful, you need to overcome self-hate and become your biggest cheerleader. However, self-love without action is a waste of resources. 

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