14 Quirky Things Only People Who Love Being Alone Will Understand

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Solitude is often praised as a profoundly personal discipline that allows you to self-reflect. You don’t have to be a loner to enjoy your “me” time, but you might be a fan of some behaviors others find quirky. You might even make new people feel awkward, but that’s only because they have yet to know you. So, what unconventional things make a person who enjoys solitude stand out? Let’s find out!

Recharging solo 


While for many, recharging involves hanging out with friends, those who prefer being alone also get their energy levels up best if they are alone. Social interactions can sometimes feel draining, especially if you’re low on energy. That’s when your need for “me” time reaches new heights. 

Solo travelers 


Whether going to the movies, traveling, or taking themselves to lunch, these things are common and perfectly acceptable if a person enjoys solitude. It is not that they can’t have fun with others, but they like to balance things, so one day they may be sociable, while the next, they are their own best company. 

Silence is golden


One of the things that a lover of solitude does better than anyone else is enjoying the silence. They do not fill in the gaps and don’t find quietness to be a signal that something is off in their interactions with others. However, it might be weird for those who love being surrounded by people, chatter, and small talk. 

Talking to themselves is expected

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For those who enjoy solitude, talking to themselves is nothing unusual. It is a conversation, just like any other, and if they have some major dilemma, you might hear that conversation playing out loud. It is one of those quirky habits that people around them find interesting, while it may be awkward for others. 

They usually make vague plans 

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A person enjoying solitude will cancel going to some party, not because they do not like others, but because they found something better to do on their own. It is not that they enjoy canceling plans at the last minute, but they prioritize and choose themselves, which is admirable, and yet can be pretty annoying. 

Thriving on deep connections 


People who enjoy solitude might appear like loners because they thrive on deep connections while despising small talk. They might not have a large group of friends because they appreciate quality over quantity, and their friendships are profound and meaningful. 

Masters of introspection


Some find looking inward and examining their thoughts, emotions, and judgments challenging. However, self-awareness is part of everyday life for those who thrive in solitude. They are more in tune with their needs, which is why others appreciate them once they pass the initial, uneasy introduction phase.

Meeting them can be a challenge 


Those thriving in solitude may appear pretentious because they have a way of making new people feel unwelcoming. It is because they take their time to assess them, and with long pauses in conversations, it may all seem like a game. But that’s merely because people who love their alone time do not enjoy small talk or invest their time in superficial friendships. 

They need alone time 


For those thriving in solitude, alone or “me,” time is almost as important as breathing. It is a necessity and time in which they communicate, explore the day’s events and dilemmas, and make crucial decisions. They can talk things out with their closest friends, but they will need solo time to let everything sink in and check if there’s something they might have overlooked.  

They might seem weird

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Because there is a lack of need for outside validation, people thriving in solitude may appear strange. Their fashion sense can be hard to understand, and their hobbies reflect what they truly need and desire, not what’s expected of them. Even their career choices take unexpected turns because they may be inspired by a passion for inner peace that is difficult to articulate. 

They are great listeners 


While initially, solitude lovers may appear shy or less than friendly, once you become part of their inner circle, you’ll learn they are great friends and excellent listeners. They offer you complete focus, time to get everything out in the open without interruptions, and offer advice that you might not have thought of. 

They might seem too independent 


It might be hard to understand that a person enjoying solitude can be capable of forming deep relationships because they are incredibly independent. While they are masters of their own happiness, this does not mean they are all they need. They need love, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to brighten up their days. The only thing they also need is time for themselves. 

They love challenging themselves 

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Those enjoying solitude are rarely satisfied with the bare minimum. They love learning, pushing boundaries, and seeking new challenges. It is a way to get to know themselves better, feed their curiosity, and open their horizons. People who enjoy being alone don’t have all the answers, nor are they always at peace with themselves, but they strive to be, which pushes them to look for more. 

They don’t care about pleasing others 

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Apart from the group of their chosen friends, no one else has to understand people who love being alone. They might be pleasant when they need to be, but people-pleasing is not on their lists of priorities, and they can’t even fake it. When there is no fear of judgment or criticism, it allows a person to be their most authentic version. That’s why they dislike pretending, and it is liberating, though it often can be too blunt, especially for people who are social butterflies. 

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