17 Difficult Yet Rewarding Things Everyone NEEDS to Do More Often

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Often, the things that are hardest to do are the most rewarding, and although their difficulty may intimidate us, embracing them more often is absolutely worth the effort. 

Leave Your Comfort Zone


Embrace struggle as a sign of progress. Spending a focused ten minutes pushing your limits is far more productive than an hour of comfort.

Avoiding discomfort keeps you trapped in a limited comfort zone, missing out on much that life offers. Choose to expand your horizons—whether through insightful books, inspiring people, or new environments.

End Toxic Relationships (Unapologetically!)

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Ending toxic relationships is a tough but vital step towards a healthier life. Whether these are long-standing friendships or recent acquaintances, stepping away from negative influences can be daunting yet extremely liberating. 

Recognize the strength it takes to walk away and the space it creates for more positive interactions and self-growth. Protecting your peace is not selfish!

Honor Your Values


When faced with decisions, ask yourself if your choices align with your deepest values and beliefs. For example, if honesty is a core value, resist the urge to embellish truths during conversations. 

Being true to your convictions is not only during big moments; but is something reflected in the small decisions you make every day.

Say ‘Thank You’ More Often


Being thankful to those who contribute positively to your life requires mindfulness and consistency. It’s easy to overlook the impact others have, but acknowledging and appreciating it can significantly enhance your interpersonal relationships—everyone likes a genuine ‘thank you!’ 

Offer Grace in Difficult Times

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Often, we overestimate the importance of a single mishap. Remember to take a deep breath when things don’t go well. Long-term outcomes are the result of many small steps, not just one event. 

Failures happen, sure, but they don’t define you. Learn from mistakes, grow wiser, and continue onward. Character and wisdom are forged through lessons—your greatest stories will emerge from overcoming your most daunting challenges. Keep standing, learning, and living.

Read, Read, Read!


Reading is a powerful tool for expanding your mind and improving your ability to think and express yourself clearly. However, finding time to read amidst a hectic schedule can be a tough commitment. 

Challenge yourself to read daily, even if it’s just for a short period. Diversify your reading materials to include authors from different cultures or genres you typically wouldn’t explore—you’d be surprised how much value you can gain from books! 

Reflect on Yourself

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Make it a habit to reflect inwardly more often—be it through meditation, journaling, or simply quiet contemplation, focusing on your inner self can help clarify your thoughts and emotions. 

This practice aids in developing a deeper understanding of your desires and fears, guiding more authentic life choices.

Surround Yourself with Good Company


Surrounding yourself with good company is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Engaging with supportive and positive people enhances your mood and also encourages personal growth. 

Spending time with a friend who inspires and motivates you can be just as enriching as any formal educational experience. Prioritize relationships that bring joy and value to your life, even when it’s easier to isolate or stick with familiar but uninspiring company.

Discover New Passions

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There’s a profound difference between simple fatigue and rewarding exhaustion. Life is short—invest in meaningful activities every single day. 

Don’t wait for new passions—ignite existing ones, and you’d be surprised how many have been buried inside you. Engage fully in the immediate task or conversation. You have a reservoir of passion ready to be unleashed. 

Release Unnecessary Ideals

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When a thought enters your mind, ponder—does it help you grow or just hold you back? Seize control by making the unconscious conscious and letting go of what’s not beneficial. 

No, it’s not quitting—it’s shedding intense emotional ties to certain people, outcomes, or situations. Approach each day aiming to be your best without rigid expectations. Accept life as it is, respond effectively, and focus only on what advances your goals today.

Seek Silver Linings


In every setback, look for the silver lining. For instance, a missed job opportunity might lead you to a better-suited position that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. 

Embracing a mindset that seeks out positives in apparent negatives is indeed hard, but it’s something that will transform your whole perspective on life. 

Avoid Drama


Choose to step away from unnecessary drama. This could mean distancing yourself from gossip at work or avoiding heated debates that don’t add anything to your life but headache. 

Start sidestepping situations that drain your energy to protect your peace and focus on what truly matters.

Celebrate Your Success (Big or Small!)

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People often tend to recognize and celebrate big successes, but doing the same thing for the small ones is just as important. 

Nelson Mandela once highlighted the importance of recognizing milestones as preparation for future challenges. Make it a habit to pat yourself on the back—whether it’s for small daily victories or major achievements. This practice boosts your morale and pushes you forward with renewed strength and a positive outlook.

Never Stop Learning

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Learning is an essential but often neglected aspect of personal growth. Each day offers an opportunity to acquire new knowledge or skills—be it through reading, exploring new hobbies, or engaging in educational courses. 

For instance, dedicating time to learn a new language or understand a complex concept can be daunting but immensely rewarding. Push yourself to embrace learning daily, as it strengthens your cognitive abilities and enhances your understanding of the world.

Change Your Mindest (If Necessary)


There’s nothing wrong with changing a harmful mindset! 

Shift your mindset to see the glass as half full. A positive outlook can dramatically enhance your life quality. Challenge yourself to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and observe how this shift affects your daily interactions and personal goals. 

Nourish Your Body


Fueling your body wisely is vital but challenging amid all the quick and easy dietary choices. Start by making small, manageable changes like replacing soda with water or choosing whole foods over processed options. 

Even a simple change like beginning your day with a nutritious breakfast sets a positive tone for mindful eating throughout the day. Treat and love your body—it’s gonna be with you for the rest of your life!

Enjoy Life

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Enjoying life often seems straightforward, yet many find it challenging to truly embrace joy amidst daily responsibilities. Now, this doesn’t mean living recklessly, but rather finding balance. 

Celebrating life means appreciating moments both big and small, and integrating pleasure and happiness without neglecting the responsibilities that ground us. Making space for both enjoyment and duty allows each to enhance the other (not detract from it!)

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