17 Silly Things You NEED to Do Before You Die

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Because life is short, make sure to spend some of your time indulging in the silliest things ever!

Order the Cheapest Dish at a Fancy Restaurant


Dress up and go to a high-end restaurant, but instead of splurging, order the least expensive item on the menu. This act could be an amusing experiment to see how the restaurant handles a minimal order with maximum class. 

The point? Enjoying the upscale atmosphere without the hefty price tag!

Pet a Zookeeper 

Photo by meunierd / Shutterstock

Next time you’re at the zoo, shake things up a bit—attempt to pet a zookeeper! 

Approach with a friendly smile and see if you can extend the same ‘affection.’ It’s a great way to add a quirky and unforgettable touch to your zoo visit, just be sure to respect personal boundaries and ask if you can pet them before you do (and maybe prepare for some confused looks).

Ask Your Crush Out


Life’s too short to hold back on feelings. 

Asking your crush out is definitely a must-do, even if it feels a bit scary. It’s a leap of courage that could lead to something wonderful or at least leave you with no regrets. 

Pull a Harmless Prank on a Friend or Roommate


Inject some fun into your day by playing a harmless prank on a friend, family member, or roommate—be it covering their bedroom floor with balloons or switching the contents of cereal boxes with something really awful, the key is to keep it hilarious yet laughable. 

Just a heads up: This little bit of mischief can lead to lots of laughter and possibly a prank war, so be prepared for some playful retaliation!

Confront Your Deepest Fear for Ultimate Bravery


Imagine tackling something that terrifies you—be it shark cage diving, skydiving, standing atop the tallest building in your city, or even jumping from one of the World’s highest bridges, the goal is to face your fears head-on!

While the fear factor might seem stupid, the industries built around these thrilling experiences prove there’s a significant appeal. Beyond the adrenaline rush, the real reward comes in the form of immense personal satisfaction and a lingering joy from overcoming your greatest fears.

Convince a Grocery Clerk to Sell You a Single Grape


One of the silliest yet oddly satisfying challenges to consider is convincing a grocery store clerk to sell you just one grape. 

It’s a playful interaction that tests your persuasion skills and adds a bit of humor to your day and theirs. This little victory will be a sweet story to tell, proving it’s the small joys that make life fun!

Try to Sneeze with Eyes Wide Open


Defy the reflexes and try sneezing with your eyes open. It’s one of those age-old challenges that many claim is impossible, but why not test the theory for yourself? 

This quirky experiment offers a bit of silly science and is a great conversation starter (just maybe keep a safe distance from your friends when you give it a go).

See How Much Heat You Can Handle


Dare to eat something extremely spicy and see how long you can hold out without reaching for water. From a hot pepper, a spoonful of spicy sauce, or even a spoonful ground cinnamon, the goal is to test your spice tolerance and endurance. 

This fiery challenge is a test of will and a fun way to engage with friends and see who can last the longest under the spicy pressure!

Embrace the Thrill of No-Sled Sledding


Winter provides the perfect backdrop for some playful madness: sledding without a sled! Gather a lively group—ideally no more than eight—and start the cheap fun! 

As you choose unconventional sleds, from large tarpaulins to perhaps even cardboard, the key considerations are speed, comfort, and durability. You want to race down those snowy slopes with excitement, but certainly not at the expense of your safety (unless you’re up for dying too soon!)

Play Hide-and-Seek in the Grocery Aisles


Transform a routine supermarket trip into an exciting game of hide-and-seek. 

Enlist friends or family and inject fun into the mundane. Hide behind displays and run around aisles, just try to keep the giggles quiet and maybe let in-store security know the deal to avoid any real drama.

Overindulge in Sweets to the Point of Nausea


This might sound like a childhood mishap, but for adults, it’s a deliberate challenge. Overeating sweets to the point of physical sickness allows you to experience the limits of indulgence. 

From understanding what’s too much for your kids to realizing the truth behind “too much of a good thing,” this activity serves as a bizarre but memorable lesson. Unlike the expected adult excesses with substances like alcohol, choosing sweets adds a twist of innocence and a dash of absurdity to the quest for limits.

Challenge a Chip Shop to Fry Something Unusual


Next time you visit a chip shop, ask them to deep-fry something completely outlandish, like a chocolate bar or a piece of fruit. It’s a quirky test of the shop’s culinary daring and your taste buds. 

This little adventure could turn into a deliciously funny story or a new guilty pleasure!

Invent a Silly Dance and Share It with Friends

Illustration. Image credit: Shutterstock

Before you leave this world, why not leave your mark with a unique dance craze? 

Create a ridiculous dance and teach it to your friends—who knows, this dance could become your hilarious legacy! 

Eat Candy with the Wrapper On


Try eating a piece of candy with the wrapper still on and see how it affects the taste experience. Remember to spit out the wrapper afterward—safety first! 

This ‘challenge’, while silly, might add a little twist to how you enjoy a simple treat!

Dine in Style in a Bathing Suit

Image by darksoul72/Depositphotos

Walk into a fancy restaurant dressed in nothing but your best bathing suit. 

This bold move is sure to turn heads and raise eyebrows. Oh, and remember, confidence is your best accessory when testing the dress code this way (you’ll definitely need it when you get kicked out in front of everyone).

Sing Along Loudly in Public


Head to a crowded public space, play your favorite song, and sing along with all the wrong notes. The idea is to let loose and enjoy the freedom of singing badly without a care. 

You can do this during a community event or in a busy park, possibly making someone’s day or at least giving them a story to tell.

Take a Silly Selfie with a Stranger


Make a spontaneous connection by asking a stranger to join you in making a silly face for a selfie. This simple, joyful act breaks down barriers and spreads cheer. 

It’s a wonderful way to capture a moment of shared laughter with someone you’ve just met, creating a memorable snapshot of your adventurous spirit!

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