18 Things All Women Secretly Do (But Will Never Confess To)

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All women have their guilty little habits that they’re not exactly proud of and tend to keep under wraps. If you think you’ve got women all figured out, these 18 secret habits they’ll never admit to might just surprise you.

Checking if Clothes Can Handle Another Round


Ever done the quick sniff test on your jumper’s armpit or the crotch of your jeans? Yep, you’re trying to figure out if they can brave the world once more before laundry day. 

Gross? Probably, but it’s still practical to determine just how many wears you can get away with before it’s time for a wash. 

Skipping Daily Hair Washes

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Honestly, who has the time to wash their hair every day? It’s a whole ritual with shampoo, conditioner, oils, and more. Skipping daily washes something all women are guilty of, which is not only a time-saver but actually good for your hair. 

According to professional hairstylist Alyssa Badiali, letting those natural scalp oils do their thing is key for healthy hair. Over-washing can dry out your scalp and hair. And when in doubt? Dry shampoo is your best friend to keep your hair looking fresh and clean without anyone noticing.


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Women fart, period. Despite the old tales that ladies don’t pass gas, they do, just as much as anyone else. Dr. Purna Kashyap, a gastroenterologist, says that farting around 10-20 times a day is normal and a sign of a healthy gut. 

Beans, oats, soy, and dairy might boost those numbers, so if you’re finding it a bit much, it might be time to look at your diet or chat with a doctor. But really, it’s all natural.

Flirting for a Goal

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We flirt to get what we want, and we’re not sorry about it. It’s just one of the perks of being a woman. Whether you see it as pretty privilege or something else, the fact is, women are aware of their power and are not afraid to use it to their advantage. 

So, if a cute girl compliments your shirt, she might as well be saying, “I love your Bugatti, how about giving me a ride when I need one?”

Daily Crushes

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Yes, it’s true. Even the most devoted partners might find someone else cute now and then. These mini-crushes pop up like daisies, and though they’re fleeting, they’re a part of the human experience. 

Women, in particular, might keep these innocent admirations under wraps, knowing they’re completely harmless. Or are they?



Now, onto the ‘curious’ behavior of cyber-stalking. It’s not as creepy as it sounds—more like intense curiosity about others’ lives. from checking out your ex’s vacation photos (not that you care) to scouting out that cute guy from the bar named Noah, all ladies do it.

After all, a little foreknowledge about someone’s quirks can save you a lot of trouble.

DIY Pubic Hair Trimming

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Let’s face it, regular waxing appointments are expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes downright painful. So, why not take matters into your own hands with a pair of nail scissors? 

It’s quick, practically free, and you’re in complete control. Plus, you get to avoid the awkwardness of a salon visit. Win-win.

Holding Onto Period Underwear


Remember those period undies—the ones with the tell-tale signs of battles past? Sure, they’re not the prettiest, but they’re essential during that time of the month. 

They mysteriously vanish when you need them most, leading to the sacrifice of yet another good pair. It’s a cycle as old as time, yet it somehow catches us off guard every single month.

Tampon Smuggling 


It’s a familiar, if not openly discussed, scenario for many women: the stealthy challenge of discreetly disposing of a used tampon when there’s no trash can available. 

Whether it’s during a job interview, at a significant other’s family home, or in any other situation lacking proper amenities, many have found themselves wrapping it in toilet paper and quietly slipping it into their bag. It’s a silent mission, carried out with the finesse of a secret agent, that many can relate to but few talk about.

Wearing the Same Bra Two Days In a Row

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Washing bras often falls to the bottom of our to-do lists. It’s not that we don’t do laundry, but hand-washing delicates is a chore, and machine washing can be risky for our favorites. 

Experts warn that not washing bras enough can lead to discoloration, deterioration, and odor issues. They suggest washing after every two to five wears with lingerie-specific soap to avoid damage. But between the special instructions and the fear of ruining our go-to bras, it’s easy to see why we prefer to be ‘lazy’ in this case. 

Nail Biting and Picking


Biting and picking at our nails is a habit many of us can’t shake, whether out of stress, boredom, or the need for symmetry. 

Despite the satisfaction it might bring, it’s a habit that is both ugly and unhealthy, potentially leading to dental issues and infections. Maybe it’s time to give those fingers a break and find a less destructive way to deal with stress.

Nose picking

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Picking our noses is one of those habits most of us won’t admit to but almost everyone does. It’s just a quick fix to… well, clear the way. Despite the commonality of this habit, it comes with its risks, like infections. 

Maybe next time, it’s worth reaching for a tissue instead.

Confidential Conversations 

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When it comes to the details of girl talk, these conversations are guarded more closely than the crown jewels. If you’re curious about what gets discussed during a girls’ night out, you’re likely to get a “nothing, just chilling” in response. You probably don’t want to know the truth anyway. 

Tackling Rogue Facial Hair


Plucking that unexpected chin hair is a secret ritual many of us perform. Whether it’s due to age, genetics, or medical conditions, those random hairs can be a source of frustration. 

From tweezers to laser treatments, the battle against unwanted facial hair is real. But at least it’s a shared struggle, offering a weird sort of comfort in knowing you’re not alone in the fight.

Sniffing their Partner’s…Clothes 

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Finding comfort in your partner’s scent is more common than you might think. That deep breath you take when you find a piece of their clothing (like their most personal one)? It’s sweet nostalgia proven by science. 

Studies show sniffing your partner’s shirt can actually reduce stress. So, next time you find yourself inhaling their left-behind hoodie, know it’s your brain’s way of giving you a stress-relief moment.

Secret Snack Sessions

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Ever hidden away to enjoy a snack in peace? You’re not alone. Many women have squirreled away treats to savor a moment of indulgence without sharing or judgment. 

Whether it’s in the bedroom or the quiet of the bathroom, these solo snack moments are our little acts of rebellion against a judgemental world. 

Frequent Toilet Visits During Periods

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Let’s talk about the period poop, a less glamorous but totally natural side effect of that time of the month. Thanks to a hormonal rollercoaster, many women experience more frequent trips to the bathroom. 

While it might not be your favorite period symptom, it’s a universal one, so don’t feel alone the next time the period poop strikes — all women can relate! 

Obsessively Checking Yourself in the Mirror 

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Facing the mirror and not loving what you see? You’re part of a vast majority. With society’s heavy emphasis on appearances, it’s hard not to get caught up in the reflection staring back at you. 

The Huge Amount of Money Spent on Shopping

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Ever noticed how she’s always sporting something new, from clothes to lipstick shades? Here’s the thing: always looking fresh and cute doesn’t come cheap. 

Women often have a special talent for finding and acquiring the perfect additions to their wardrobe and makeup collection, and the price tags can add up quickly. But the specifics of these shopping sprees? Those might just remain her little secret.

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