18 Things Boomers Adore That Leaves Younger Generations Baffled 

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Generational gaps can be entertaining and educational with a hint of nostalgia. Boomers lived most of their lives in a thriving economy, which is often reflected in their spending habits. Millennials have their shade of pink, matcha latte, and veggie burgers, and most boomers will never get the need for it. But what are some things that boomers can’t get enough of and younger ones will never understand? Let’s take a look. 

Fine china 


Most boomers possess a set of these delicate, intricately designed plates and accompanying silverware reserved for special occasions like holiday dinners. These items, often displayed in cabinets, may appear as mere dust collectors to younger generations. However, for boomers, they hold a more profound significance, symbolizing their youth and joyous times.

Greeting cards


Greeting cards are not cheap, but boomers still love them as if we were in 1985. Sending a text or calling is not enough—most boomers enjoy finding the right card despite one costing between $3 and $6. It could be a habit or a tradition, but regardless, it is something boomers enjoy, finding joy in the process of selecting a card that perfectly conveys their feelings, while younger generations see it as wasteful. 

Cruise ships 

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Cruise ships are the perfect getaway from often monotonous everyday life for many seniors. It is a luxurious experience for boomers, and they usually start planning their trips as soon as their kids move out of the house. However, they typically don’t have the time for these trips until retirement. 

Irons and Iron boards 

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Most clothes nowadays are made of fabrics that do not require ironing. However, boomers still use their irons and ironing boards, while millennials and Gen Z opt for steamers or none at all. Perhaps younger generations are braver with their fashion choices, but boomers still win regarding overall appearance. 

Ceiling fans


If there is one thing that connects boomers with babies, it is a ceiling fan. Fans do not reduce air temperature, and despite using AC, boomers likely see ceiling fans as part of a well-decorated apartment. Babies like looking at them, while boomers likely use them as reminders of simpler times.  



Open concept has been around for decades, but many boomers still do not want others to see their kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms simultaneously. One theory is that the hostess wants some mystery, and her culinary secrets are out for the world to see with her kitchen on display. Another is that boomers were merely used to having rooms separated by walls and doors. 

Photo albums 


If you ask someone younger, they will likely point out that there are Google Photos, iCloud, and other ways to store photos. However, many boomers still think the best way to look at photos is by flipping through physical photo albums. They will take their pictures via cell phones, develop their favorites, store them in photo albums, and put the best ones into photo frames. 

Home decorations 


Minimalism took over, and many boomers are struggling to understand its appeal. They like their homes to be filled with various decorations, and though they are useless, many hold memories. Others simply look pretty, and that’s good enough for most boomers. 

Printed everything

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Boomers like reading papers in print just as much as they enjoy flipping catalog pages. It is not that they do not do online shopping, social media, or read news on various websites. But going through pages feels more personal to boomers, and that’s something most millennials and Gen-Zs can’t relate to. 



Massive showers and numerous spraying options replaced good old bathtubs. Even worse for boomers are free-standing, floor-mounted bathtubs. In comparison, younger generations adopted showers as the fastest way to get clean. Boomers like relaxing while reading a book and having a glass of wine. 

Colorful wallpapers 


Almost every boomer had colorful wallpaper at some point, but their love for color in their homes did not end there. They dislike the all-grey trend, so they still take great pride in choosing colorful carpets that perfectly match tablecloths and curtains. Many see all-grey homes as depressing and boring. 

Old-school kitchen appliances

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Some boomers complained that not everything needs to be “smart.” They seem to be annoyed by touchscreen fridges and WiFi connections for a microwave. Younger generations want options, but boomers prefer simple kitchen appliances without too much fuss. 

Matching fashion 


Many ladies of the boomer generation still believe that a belt, purse, and shoes must be the same shade of brown. Similarly, boomer gentlemen wear their accessories in the same shades: black, brown, or camel. Younger people are more relaxed regarding fashion choices, and to boomers’ horror, they wear black with brown and black with dark blue. 

Brand loyalty 


Boomers might be the last generation of loyal customers devoted to spending their hard-earned money buying from the same high-quality brand. Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to cancel brands and mix and match, while boomers want value for their money, and once they find it, they do not change their minds quickly.

Conspiracy theories 

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Boomers like discussing well-known topics, such as the Moon landing, JFK’s death, and aliens. Many started these conspiracy theories, and things only got more interesting once social media arrived. Despite pioneering many conspiracy theories, boomers are not the only ones indulging in them. 

Dust covers on the furniture


Many boomers’ homes had plastic dust covers to preserve furniture and keep it looking as good as new once guests arrived. It is not uncommon for boomers to use plastic to protect sofas, couches, or tables if they are not using them simply because they got used to high-quality furniture. 



These small napkins may seem useless to younger generations, but boomers still love their doilies. Lace doilies are still used as coasters or decorations since boomers are very much into decorating, and younger people are not into them. They gave old vibes to boomers’ modern homes in the 80s, and they clearly are an object of nostalgia. 

Linoleum flooring 


Linoleum flooring and plush carpets were once staples of every middle-class home. Many boomers still have these, plus bathroom carpets, and they are not planning to part ways despite linoleum losing its shininess and thick carpets being impossible to vacuum properly. 

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