18 Things Men Secretly Do But Will Never Confess

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Unlike women, men often keep stuff to themselves, which means a lot of what they do, feel, and experience stays under wraps. What’s behind their tough exterior?

Fearing the Doctor

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Who says men aren’t scared of anything? Despite the tough exterior,  just the idea of a doctor’s visit can stir up enough fear to put off essential check-ups, often kept under wraps with a stubborn ‘I don’t want to deal with that.’

Pretending to Know How to Fix Everything


From leaky faucets to a computer glitch, there’s a stubborn insistence on figuring it out—often leading to a YouTube tutorial binge. Sometimes it works; sometimes it’s a call to the pros.

Binge-Watching Romantic Comedies


Despite the tough-guy image, there’s a surprising number of men who love nothing more than to dive into a good rom-com. They might keep it under wraps, but deep down, they’re there for every laugh, tear, and fairy-tale ending, enjoying the emotional whirlwind from the comfort of their couch. 

While they might grumble about being pulled into the newest ‘chick flick,’ a U.S. study reveals they enjoy romantic movies almost as much as women do.

Choosing to Sit

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Believe it or not, men do sit down to pee sometimes. 

According to Jesse N. Mills, it can be a moment of quiet contemplation or a practical choice after a long night. It seems sitting down is sometimes preferred.

Skipping the Face Wash

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Imagine not ever washing your face. Yep, that’s a thing in the manly community. Surprisingly, nearly half of the men surveyed by Dove confessed they skip this step. 

Karen Lynn Accattato, a face expert with Dove, was as baffled as we are, emphasizing the importance of at least using soap and water. Guys, including those with beards, it’s time to get a facial cleanser.

Wearing Old Clothes


There’s always that one shirt or pair of jeans that, despite its age and wear, can’t be thrown out. Maybe it’s the comfort and memories attached to it, a unique fashion statement, or just plain laziness. 

Just so you know, there’s a good chance your date might be rocking some vintage threads that you might not even notice.

Navigating Tricky Questions

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Faced with the classic, “Does this dress make me look fat?” many men opt for a white lie. The key, though, is understanding the question’s deeper meaning. 

They don’t focus on your looks or the dress itself as much as on making you feel beautiful — something that ladies always appreciate.

Skipping Laundry Day

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Wearing the same shirt twice (okay, maybe thrice) without washing is a gamble some are willing to take. If it passes the sniff test, it’s good to go, right?

The Secret Soft Spot

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Beneath the tough exterior, many have a soft spot for cute animals, heartwarming movies, or even a favorite stuffed toy from childhood. It’s a gentler side of men not always visible, but it’s there, waiting to be activated. 

You might just be the one to spark it and witness the joy.

Getting Handsy

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Ever caught a guy casually reaching for his private parts? It’s not what you think—it’s often about comfort or a quick itch. And yes, sometimes it’s just a habit. It’s a check-in to ensure everything’s alright down there. 

Cyber-stalking Love Interests

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We all know that women are naturally social media detectives. Turns out, men are quite the online detectives when it comes to their current or former flames. 

Emily Morse, a dating expert, revealed that men often indulge in a bit of harmless stalking to keep tabs without seeming too nosy. Just be mindful of when it crosses the line.

Nighttime Arousal

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Nighttime brings a series of involuntary erections, part of the normal sleep cycle for men. Sometimes, these lead to wet dreams, resulting in an awkward, middle-of-the-night underwear change. 

Despite being a natural occurrence, it’s quite an embarrassing topic to discuss, rarely making its way into casual conversations.

Eyebrow Grooming


Yes, men care about their brows too! Billion Dollar Brows reported a demand for male-specific grooming tools. 

Whether it’s taming a unibrow or filling in the sparse areas, guys are seeking solutions to feel more confident about their brows.

Foot Neglect


Men’s feet are usually not the prettiest thing about their bodies. According to podiatric surgeon Krista Archer, the lack of attention leads to all sorts of issues, like athlete’s foot. 

The solution? Exfoliate, moisturize, and don’t shy away from anti-fungal cream. Your feet will thank you, and so will the ladies.

Eating More in the Company of Women


A study reveals that at an all-you-can-eat buffet, put a man in the company of a woman, and watch his pizza consumption soar by 93% compared to dining with his buddies. 

This is perhaps a subconscious effort to impress or a primal behavior tied to showcasing abundance. Either way, it’s probably not something he’d brag about later.

Sleeping After Their Partners 

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The concept of “mate guarding” might sound outdated, but it’s alive and well in the bedroom. Men often find themselves awake, ensuring their partner has drifted off to sleep first. 

This behavior, reminiscent of caveman days, is seen as a protective instinct. Though it speaks to a deep-rooted emotional bond, it’s not typically something men vocalize, preferring to keep their loving behavior under wraps.

Letting the Tears Flow

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Despite acting tough most of the time, men do cry, just not as openly. Research suggests societal norms and biological differences make them less likely to show tears. So, guys, it’s perfectly okay to express your feelings, even if not in public. 

Hurting Themselves While Grooming Down There

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When it comes to personal grooming, many men take the DIY route, especially concerning manscaping. The preferred tool? A razor. While aiming for a clean look, the reality can be quite different, leading to the most common grooming injury: scrotum lacerations. 

Yes, a slip of the hand can turn a routine trim into a painful mishap — a topic not usually brought up at the dinner table.

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