19 Behaviors That Make You More Attractive Than You Think

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The complexity of human attraction extends beyond just looks (though they do matter) to include a range of behaviors that signal to others, “This person is so attractive!”

Being in a Group (the Cheerleader Effect)


Findings from Drew Walker and Edward Vul at the University of California, San Diego, highlight a fascinating phenomenon known as the cheerleader effect. This bias makes individuals appear 1.5–2.0% more attractive when they are seen in a group rather than alone. This effect is rooted in how our brains process faces in a group setting. 

For example, when you’re in a photo with friends, this might show that you’re sociable and also enhances your individual attractiveness through collective perception. This insight is particularly useful for anyone looking to boost their social appeal in photos or group settings. Next time you’re looking to make an impression on your crush, ensure you’re spotted out with the girls—the cheerleader effect could work wonders!

Respecting Everyone


Treating everyone with respect, regardless of their position or your relationship with them, can make you 10x more attractive (it might be a slight exaggeration but it’s truly effective!)

This trait reveals a profound sense of empathy and understanding towards others. For example, treating everyone from colleagues to service staff with equal kindness shows you have good manners and also enhances how people perceive you. Being respectful creates a welcoming atmosphere around you, making others feel valued and appreciated.

Wearing Red


Wearing red can dramatically increase your attractiveness. This color is often associated with passion, energy, and action. Research suggests that red attire makes individuals more appealing, possibly because of its strong cultural associations with love and vitality. 

Interestingly enough, men wearing red are just as attractive as ladies in red. While often linked to passion and attraction, red can also convey dominance and aggression, suggesting a complex interplay between color and social perception. This dual influence makes red a powerful color choice in social settings, where it can either increase attractiveness or communicate assertiveness (depending on the context!)

Being Kind


The power of kindness cannot be overstated when it comes to attraction. Being genuinely kind can elevate your attractiveness significantly (even transcending physical features!) 

This is due to the halo effect—a psychological phenomenon where one positive trait (like kindness) influences people’s overall perception of you. 

Having a Good Sense of Humor


Possessing a good sense of humor naturally enhances your appeal. 

Research shows that both men and women find humor attractive because it signals intelligence, creativity, and relatability. If you’re someone who easily makes others laugh, you’re likely more attractive than you realize!

Being Humble 


While the flashiness might attract attention, it turns out humility might be the real winner in the game of attraction. Embracing humility allows you to genuinely connect with others by valuing their experiences and needs rather than pushing your own agenda. This quality makes you more approachable and respected. 

Humble people are seen as open to learning and self-improvement—they acknowledge their mistakes and seek help when needed. Such traits enhance likability and make humble individuals powerful role models. 

Actually Listening


Where everyone seems eager to speak, finding someone who listens—truly listens—is rare and incredibly appealing. By giving someone your full attention, allowing them to express themselves without interruption, and engaging deeply with their words, you demonstrate immense respect for their thoughts and feelings. 

Genuine listening goes beyond hearing words—it involves understanding underlying emotions and making the speaker feel heard and valued. This kind of attentiveness fosters strong connections and naturally draws people to you.

Being Curious

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While many people tend to stick to the familiar norms (AKA ‘comfort zones), being someone who thrives on curiosity and learning is incredibly refreshing. Imagine always being the one who raises questions, dives deep into new subjects, and never stops exploring—this shows a dynamic engagement with the world and a commitment to personal growth. 

People find this type of intellectual curiosity highly attractive, as it suggests a keen mind and a brave spirit, ready to step out of their comfort zones. Plus, your zest for knowledge is infectious, often encouraging others to start their own journeys of discovery!

Radiating Confidence


Confidence is perhaps one of the most magnetic qualities one can ever possess. This doesn’t mean walking into a room with your head held high—it’s that that quiet assurance that makes you instantly attractive. This self-assurance isn’t loud or overbearing, it’s the calm certainty in your actions and decisions. 

When you’re confident, you naturally attract people because you exude reliability and strength. This could be shown through your body language—standing tall, making eye contact, or simply how you engage in conversation confidently, expressing your ideas without hesitation. People are drawn to those who believe in themselves, as this confidence makes others feel secure and supported in their presence.

Making Eye Contact

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Maintaining eye contact with someone you’re attracted to sends a strong message of interest and can significantly increase your appeal. Research indicates that people who share more eye contact during interactions are more likely to desire further contact. 

This non-verbal cue sends the message that you’re attentive and genuinely interested in the person across from you. If you’re consistently meeting someone’s gaze, you’re signaling that you value their presence and what they have to say, which can make you appear way more attractive.

Having Good Manners


Good manners are a timeless attribute that significantly boosts your appeal. 

A simple act (like treating waitstaff with courtesy and respect) speaks volumes about your upbringing and personality. This kind of behavior shows that you value dignity and respect in all interactions. People are naturally drawn to someone who consistently displays good manners, as it suggests reliability and a considerate nature.

Being Open-minded

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Being open-minded is an irresistibly attractive trait, as it signifies flexibility, tolerance, and a willingness to accept (and entertain) new ideas. Open-minded individuals engage more deeply in conversations and are often more enjoyable to be around because they genuinely consider different perspectives and are open to learning from others. 

For example, when discussing controversial topics, an open-minded person listens and responds thoughtfully and without judgment. This ability to embrace diverse viewpoints makes social interactions more enlightening and significantly draws people to you.

Grooming Yourself Well


Taking the time to groom yourself well does miracles in your overall attractiveness. Cleanliness and good grooming are universal indicators of health and good habits, which are highly appealing traits in a potential partner. 

Ensuring your clothes are neat, your hair is tidy, your smell is gorgeous—all of these efforts make you look well put together, boosting your self-confidence and the way others perceive you.

Saying ‘Thank You’


Expressing gratitude with a simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way towards boosting your attractiveness. When you regularly acknowledge the contributions of others and show appreciation for even the little things, you emit a warmth that makes others feel recognized and important. 

This could be as simple as thanking a friend for their support during a tough time or acknowledging a coworker’s help on a project. 

Showcasing Your Passion

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Nothing is as attractive as someone who is deeply passionate about something—be it a hobby, a career, or a cause—speaking about what you love with fervor and excitement is absolutely magnetic! 

Plus, passion is infectious, and being around someone who is genuinely interested in their passions can energize and inspire those around them. This shows that you have depth, motivation, and enthusiasm for life. So, if you have a passion that ignites your soul, don’t hold back—let it shine brightly! 

Lighting Up With Others’ Passions


Ever shared your excitement about a hobby only to meet a blank stare? It’s disheartening. Contrast that with the thrill when someone genuinely engages with your interests. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘silly’ hobby—showing real enthusiasm for others’ passions makes you much more attractive (not everyone does that!)

This openness indicates broad-mindedness and deep respect for what’s important to others. So next time someone is buzzing with excitement over their favorite subject, make it the main subject of the conversation—it’s a surefire way to boost your attractiveness.

Noticing (and Remembering) the Little Things


Remembering small details about others can significantly deepen your connections and enhance your attractiveness. For example, recalling someone’s favorite coffee order or mentioning a small anecdote they shared weeks ago can make them feel truly seen and appreciated. 

This attentiveness shows you care deeply about your relationships, making you someone who others literally get addicted to! 

Being Patient

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Patience is a virtue that can greatly increase your attractiveness. Being patient shows that you can handle stress and setbacks without losing your cool, which is a highly desirable quality in any relationship. 

Waiting calmly for someone who is running late or enduring a slow-moving process without complaint demonstrates your maturity, self-control, and respect for the situation and people involved. These qualities make you a calming and stable presence, which is very appealing to others.

Valuing Authenticity


Being authentic means staying true to yourself and your values, which is incredibly attractive. Authentic people attract others because they radiate confidence and reliability—they are seen as trustworthy because they don’t pretend to be something they’re not. 

This authenticity shows in acts like sticking to your principles in challenging situations or being honest about your feelings, which makes you far more respected (and also attractive!)

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