30 Reasons Men Prefer to Stay Single in Today’s Society

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There was a time when it was expected that men would find someone to love and live with, but now,  for some reason (or reasons, to be specific), more men are choosing to embrace single life and are actually enjoying it.

Online Dating 


The landscape of dating has dramatically shifted from traditional encounters in the ‘wild’ to predominantly online interactions, with platforms like Tinder leading the charge. A study titled “The Most Swipeable You: Experiences and Self-Perception of Tinder Users” sheds light on this transformation, revealing the challenges and impacts on self-perception among users. 

Both men and women on Tinder are vulnerable to being sexualized and scrutinized, which, despite high self-esteem levels, can lead to a diminished sense of self after prolonged use of the app. This insight prompts a need to reassess the contemporary perceptions of Tinder, often labeled as a tool for superficial connections—maybe Tinder isn’t Tindering anymore? 

High Expectations


Men with particularly high standards for a partner may find themselves remaining single longer than expected. When expectations are not met, the appeal of a single life grows, providing freedom and self-determination without the need for compromises. 

But realistically, it’s not common to find a Victoria’s Secret model who is also loving, can cook, can fly… 

Seeking Freedom of Choice


In an intriguing 2017 study titled ‘Why people stay single: An evolutionary perspective” and focused on understanding why people remain single, participants (including men) expressed a strong desire for freedom of choice. 

This freedom allows them to explore relationships without constraints, ensuring they can engage with multiple partners or pursue various types of relationships at their own pace.

Valuing Casual Interactions


Many individuals relish the opportunity to flirt openly, without the implications or commitments that come with a steady relationship. This preference for lighter, more casual interactions was a common theme among those who prefer staying single.

Embracing a Freer Sexual Life

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Another significant factor is the appeal of a more liberated sexual lifestyle. 

For some, being single means fewer limitations and more opportunities to explore their sexual desires freely and openly.

Enjoying Diverse Choices


The allure of having multiple choices in romantic and sexual partners without the need to settle down is a compelling reason for some men to stay single. 

This diversity in choices allows individuals to experience a wide range of interactions and connections, which they might otherwise miss out on in a committed relationship.

Craving More Social Outings

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Many singles cherish the freedom to go out more often, enjoying social events without the need to coordinate with a partner. This independence allows them to indulge in spontaneous plans and late-night outings as they please.

Seeking Further Life Experiences


Some people feel they haven’t lived enough to settle down. They believe that accumulating more personal experiences is essential before they can fully commit to a relationship.

Avoiding Monotony

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Some men choose to stay single to maintain an exciting, dynamic lifestyle, avoiding the monotony that can come with long-term relationships. 

They prefer to keep their daily lives unpredictable until they find a partner who shares their desire for spontaneity.

Avoiding Pressure

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Many people choose to stay single as a way to sidestep the various pressures associated with being in a committed relationship. For example, the expectation to spend holidays together, meet family obligations, or make significant life decisions as a unit can feel overwhelming. 

By remaining single, these men believe they can move at their own pace, make decisions based solely on personal preference, and avoid the stress of balancing their desires with those of a partner.

Valuing Friendships


For some men, the decision to remain single is deeply tied to the value they place on their friendships. When not committed to any romantic relationship, men often find they have more time and energy to dedicate to their friends. 

For instance, they can spontaneously plan weekend getaways or last-minute movie nights without having to consider a partner’s schedule or feelings. This freedom allows for deeper and more sustained connections with friends—something they value more than a romantic relationship that might not even last. 

Fear of Rejection

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The fear of rejection is a significant deterrent for many men, prompting them to steer clear of the dating scene. Concerns about not meeting expectations or facing emotional setbacks can make the mere thought of reaching out for romantic connections daunting.

Friend-Zone and Direct Rejection


The fear of rejection is a profoundly valid concern for many men navigating the dating scene. According to data, a significant 69% of men experience rejection before even reaching the first date, whereas 24% of men find themselves friend-zoned. What’s more, 29% of men face straightforward rejection without the offer of an alternative meeting time!

Silent Treatment 

man phone

The most common experience, faced by 47% of men, is receiving no response at all. This form of rejection—where texts or calls go unanswered—is particularly stinging and contributes heavily to the reluctance of many men to initiate contact.

Lack of Self-Esteem


Menelaos Apostolou and Rafaella Philippou’s 2022 study highlights the profound impact of self-esteem on men’s marital status. They discovered that high self-esteem is often a strong predictor of whether a man is in a relationship or chooses to be single, contrasting with the involuntary singlehood that plagues those with lower self-esteem. 

For example, a man with high self-esteem might feel confident enough to either pursue a fulfilling relationship or enjoy the benefits of single life without feeling societal pressures, while those with lower self-esteem may struggle to find or maintain relationships (not by choice but by circumstance.)

Lacking the ‘Desirable Traits’


The same research by Apostolou and Philippou delves into how desirable traits such as intelligence, good looks, and social status influence relationship statuses differently across genders. 

Interestingly, while these traits generally do not predict marital status directly, for men, attributes like good looks can significantly boost self-esteem. This enhanced self-esteem, in turn, increases the likelihood of being in a relationship or remaining happily single. 

Preferring a Non-Familial Lifestyle

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A number of men identify as not being the “family type,” preferring to steer clear of traditional family structures and responsibilities. 

Since some potential partners prefer a family-oriented lifestyle and may want children, these men often choose to remain single until they meet the right match.

Financial Barriers 


Financial stability is often seen as a prerequisite for entering a serious relationship. Some individuals feel that their current financial circumstances—perhaps due to debt, low income, or unstable employment—make them unsuitable partners. 

They might postpone pursuing relationships until they feel economically secure, avoiding the stress and potential strife that financial challenges can bring to partnerships.

Lack of Self-Worth


Many men are taking time to focus on self-improvement—building confidence, expanding their social circles, and healing from past relationships. 

This journey of self-improvement is crucial for some men before they feel ready to pursue romantic relationships successfully.

Fear of Intimacy 

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Why do some men shy away from close relationships? Often, it’s due to a fear of intimacy, rooted in previous negative experiences. 

This fear can prompt men to pull back from those they care about most, creating a cycle of “I’m not looking for anything serious now.” 

Fear of Commitment


The fear of commitment is a significant barrier for many men when considering relationships. This fear often stems from concerns about losing independence or facing the pressure to meet partner expectations continuously. 

For example, someone might hesitate to enter a relationship due to anxieties about maintaining long-term interest or the potential fallout from a breakup, preferring the safety of singlehood to the vulnerabilities of committed partnerships.

Low Sexual Desire


Low sexual desire is another reason some men choose to stay single. 

Without the pressure or expectation to fulfill a partner’s sexual needs, these individuals find single life more comfortable and less complicated.

Avoiding Jealousy


Too much jealousy can be destructive in relationships, and some men choose to stay single to sidestep this complex emotion altogether. Individuals who have previously experienced or witnessed intense jealousy might find the idea of dealing with similar issues unappealing. 

They might enjoy socializing freely and interacting with a wide circle of friends without the worry of triggering a partner’s jealousy, thus preserving their peace of mind and social dynamics.

Fear of Stigma or Stereotype

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For many mature men, staying single is a conscious decision to avoid societal stereotypes associated with aging and relationships. 

These individuals value their autonomy and the freedom to pursue their aspirations without the complications of a romantic partnership.

Adapting to a Busy Lifestyle

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A hectic, demanding lifestyle is a common barrier to pursuing relationships. 

Men with busy schedules may find it challenging to allocate time for dating, opting instead to remain single to avoid the added stress and time commitments of a relationship.

Valuing Personal Authenticity


Many men cherish their single status as it allows them to be their most authentic selves without compromise. Being single eliminates the need to align with another’s preferences, habits, or lifestyle choices, which can be particularly liberating for those who have unique or unconventional traits. 

This autonomy can encourage personal growth and self-discovery, which might otherwise be stifled in a conforming relationship.

Fear of Vulnerability


Fear of vulnerability is another reason some prefer to remain single. The thought of exposing one’s flaws or weaknesses to a partner can be daunting. 

Men who are self-conscious about their shortcomings might choose singlehood as a safer alternative, avoiding the risk of judgment or rejection that could come with intimacy. 

Overcoming Past Pain

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Many men opt to remain single due to unresolved pain from previous relationships. 

The lingering effects of emotional hurt or betrayal can lead individuals to prioritize healing and self-care over entering new relationships, focusing on personal recovery rather than risking further heartache.

Prioritizing Personal and Professional Goals 


For some, personal and professional ambitions take precedence over romantic pursuits. 

Men in this category often find that dedicating themselves to career goals or personal achievements is way more fulfilling than navigating the complexities of dating, leading to a conscious decision to stay single.

Exploitation Concerns

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Concerns about being exploited for their resources, status, or other qualities can make some men prefer singlehood. 

This caution often comes from personal experiences or observed situations where people felt used in relationships, which might explain the origin of the term ‘gold digger.’

The Age Gap


The age gap can be a decisive factor for men contemplating relationships. 

Concerns about generational differences, lifestyle compatibility, or societal judgments can deter men from pursuing partners significantly younger or older. What they do to avoid the ‘hassle’? Stay single, of course. 

Enjoying the Single Life


Lastly, some men are simply content with being single. 

They enjoy the independence, freedom, and lack of obligations associated with singlehood, finding satisfaction in their solo lifestyles without the desire for a romantic relationship—it’s that simple!

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