39 Clever Hiding Spots in Your Home That Burglars Will Never Think to Look In

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Burglars breaking into a home typically try to grab as many valuables as they can in the shortest time possible. To outsmart them, your best bet is to stash your valuable stuff in the most unexpected spots around the house—and fortunately, there are plenty of those. 

Inside a Clock


A functioning clock is a classic hiding spot that offers both camouflage and an everyday presence in a room. Few would consider checking inside a clock for hidden compartments, making it an ideal place to conceal small valuables. 

The ongoing movement and sound of the clock also help to mask any subtle noises from the hidden compartment.

Family Album 


Use old photo albums as a secret storage spot for emergency cash. These albums are often overlooked and seldom discarded, making them an excellent place to hide small valuables or money in plain sight, securely tucked among the pages.

Hidden Frame Storage


Picture frames that offer storage space provide an elegant and effective way to conceal valuables. These frames look like typical wall art but feature a hidden compartment behind the displayed image, making them perfect for storing important documents or small valuables. 

This solution adds a touch of mystery to your decor and keeps essential items within easy reach.

An Empty Paint Can


Keep an empty paint can after your next project and use it to store valuables. Once filled with your items, return it to the shelf with other paint cans. This simple yet effective hiding spot works well because it blends in with similar items, reducing the likelihood of theft.

Kitchen Cabinet Containers


Utilize the space inside a kitchen cabinet to hide items like jewelry or cash. Conceal valuables inside common kitchen containers, such as oatmeal boxes or cereal packages.

Stash Cash in the Door


Creating a hidden compartment at the top of an interior door is an ingenious method to securely stash cash and small items. By drilling a hole and inserting a metal tube, you can effectively keep cash, jewelry, or other small valuables out of sight and out of reach from potential intruders, making it a smart choice for secret storage.

Hidden Jewelry Box


A jewelry box designed to blend into its surroundings offers a sophisticated way to secure your valuables. These boxes can look like ordinary household items but come equipped with locks, providing strong security without drawing attention to their contents. 

This approach is ideal for protecting precious items from being targeted by thieves.



Create a soft, secure spot inside a pillow by cutting a horizontal line in the back, removing some stuffing, and inserting a pouch. Once the valuables are placed inside, re-stuff the pillow and add a zipper for security – no one will know!

Oversized Art Storage


Utilizing oversized art as a facade for hidden storage is a stylish and functional way to conceal electronics or other valuables. 

By creating a storage space behind the artwork and incorporating necessary openings for cords, this solution helps manage clutter and enhances your home decor with the opportunity to showcase new art pieces.

Floating Shelf with Secret Storage


A floating shelf with a built-in secret drawer provides a dual-purpose design that both enhances room aesthetics and secures valuables. 

The bottom of the drawer can open, offering a discreet storage space that blends perfectly with your wall, making it a great choice for hiding anything from jewelry to important documents.

DIY Hide-A-Key


Instead of purchasing a hide-a-key solution, you can make your own by gluing a real rock to the top of a small container, such as an old prescription bottle, and burying it so that only the rock is visible. 

This method provides a much more realistic and secure alternative to the often obvious fake rocks, ensuring that your spare key stays hidden but accessible.

Behind an HVAC Vent


Placing items behind an HVAC vent provides a hidden location that is both inconspicuous and less accessible due to its typical placement on walls or ceilings. 

The airflow can help disguise any noises, making it a secure spot to hide valuables or even oneself during emergencies.

In the Attic Insulation


The attic, with its insulation, offers a secretive and effective hiding place. Its challenging access and obscured location make it ideal for storing items that require an extra level of security. The insulation also helps in muffling sounds and blocking thermal detection, enhancing its suitability as a hiding spot.

Secret Rock Storage


A secret rock storage is perfect for outdoor concealment, blending naturally with the environment. This method takes advantage of the typical overlook of such common elements, hiding your valuables in plain sight in a way that’s both simple and highly effective.

Household Items 


Transform everyday household items into secret storage spaces. 

Items like old vacuum cleaners, printers, or even children’s toys can be equipped with hidden compartments. Just ensure these items are not mistakenly discarded or donated by informing family members of their new purpose!

VHS Tape Case


Utilizing a fake VHS tape case as a hiding spot is a brilliant throwback to the retro era, which naturally blends into similar decor styles. 

These cases are often overlooked due to their outdated appearance, making them perfect for stashing small valuables. The ample space inside these hollow cases ensures that your items are well-concealed and out of sight.

Behind a Drawer


The space behind a drawer offers a discreet hiding place that is seldom inspected by anyone. This area provides a hidden nook for valuable or sensitive items, adding a layer of security due to its inaccessibility and concealment. 

It’s a simple yet effective way to keep important belongings out of the wrong hands!

Inside a Holiday Decorations Box


Storing valuables in a holiday decorations box is a smart strategy, especially during off-season times. 

These boxes are typically tucked away in less frequented areas of the home, making them unlikely places for intruders to search. The festive disguise serves as a natural deterrent, keeping your items safely hidden.

Behind a Loose Brick


A loose brick in a wall is an excellent secret storage spot, easily overlooked and blending perfectly with the structure. This method allows for easy access, as the brick can be removed to retrieve stored items quickly. 

Fake Plumbing Pipes


Install a decoy PVC pipe in your basement with a cleanout plug to create a secret compartment. Unscrewing the plug reveals a hidden space ideal for storing items you want to keep out of sight. This discreet method ensures that your valuables are stored securely and are less likely to be discovered by intruders.

False-Bottom Drawer


Modify a deep drawer with a false bottom made from thin plywood. Place the plywood on wooden strips inside the drawer, and attach a common item from the drawer to serve as a handle. This hidden compartment can cleverly conceal valuables right under a layer of everyday items.

A Container of Cat Litter


For an unconventional hiding spot, consider burying small valuables in a container within a tub of unused cat litter. This method not only conceals your items effectively but also deters anyone from digging through, assuming it’s just a container of litter.

Ironing Board 

Illustration. Image credit: Shutterstock

Many ironing boards feature tubular legs that are capped with plastic ends. These caps can be removed to reveal a small hidden space perfect for storing items. 

To keep things organized and prevent noise, place a wad of paper towels in first, ensuring that your hidden items stay close to the opening.

Secret Curtain Pockets


Creating a hidden pocket in the back of a curtain is a brilliant way to secure valuables in plain sight. Choose a fabric that matches your curtain to sew a discreet pocket, ensuring the stitching does not show through to the front. 

This spot is perfect for tucking away flat items like cash or important documents, blending seamlessly into your home décor.

Bathroom Tile Storage


Incorporating storage into bathroom tiles is a clever way to keep small valuables out of sight. This method integrates smoothly with the rest of your bathroom design, keeping it hidden from plain view. 

Such storage spots are perfect for hiding items because they merge so well with their surroundings, they’re often overlooked by anyone searching your home.

A Birdhouse 


A birdhouse surprisingly serves as an excellent covert hiding spot. Positioned high on a tree or a pole, it blends seamlessly into the natural environment, making it unlikely to attract attention as a storage site. 

The hollow interior, typically home to nesting birds, can just as effectively conceal small valuables or items, providing both camouflage and a unique vantage point for observation.

Hidden Outlet Safe


An outlet that doubles as a safe offers a stealthy and innovative hiding place right in your living space. This design mimics an ordinary electrical outlet, effectively camouflaging its true function. 

Equipped with a lock, it provides secure storage for personal treasures such as jewelry, cash, or critical documents, all while being hidden in plain sight.

Computer Keyboard Storage


A storage compartment within a computer keyboard is another unobtrusive option to safeguard small valuables. It’s an ideal solution for maintaining a tidy and organized workspace while ensuring easy access to stored items. 

Since it blends naturally into any office setting, it’s less likely to catch the eye of someone searching your home.

Hidden Stairway Storage


Utilizing the space under your stairs for hidden storage is a smart solution. This option uses an area of your home that is frequently ignored for anything other than traditional storage or left unused. 

It’s a great way to make the most of your space while keeping important items both concealed and protected within the structure of your home.

Bathtub Hidden Storage


Integrating hidden storage within your bathtub offers a smart and discreet solution for safeguarding personal items. 

Not only does it blend perfectly as a functional element of the bathroom, but its water-resistant properties also protect contents from moisture. This makes it an excellent choice for storing items that benefit from additional protection against water damage.

DIY Hollow Book

Illustration. Image credit: Shutterstock

Creating a hollow book is a clever way to hide valuables in plain sight. When placed among other books on a shelf, it’s virtually indistinguishable from the rest, providing a secure spot that doesn’t attract attention. 

Box Within a Box


Store a smaller box of valuables inside a larger bin filled with less appealing items. Label the outer bin in a mundane way to avoid drawing attention, making it an unattractive target for thieves.

Inside a Tennis Ball


A tennis ball is a surprisingly effective hiding place for small items. Its commonplace appearance allows it to blend in unnoticed in various settings, and the hollow interior is perfect for concealing things like keys or small valuables. 

Secret Storage Sofa


A sofa with built-in storage capabilities combines comfort with covert security. This furniture piece effortlessly conceals its dual function, hiding your valuables in a compartment under the cushions. 

It’s an ideal solution for keeping important items accessible yet invisible, blending seamlessly into your living room setup.



Use the removable sock liner in your sneakers as a discreet place to stash cash. This hiding spot is especially useful for securing money discreetly while traveling, as it is unlikely that anyone would search inside worn shoes.

Aluminum Foil Box


An aluminum foil box can be a discreet place to hide small items within the kitchen. Its ordinary appearance and airtight sealing capabilities ensure that contents are protected and remain inconspicuous, making it a practical choice for anyone looking to hide valuables in a commonly accessible area.

Potted Plant


Using a potted plant as a hiding spot leverages its natural presence as a decorative element, providing excellent camouflage. 

This method is less likely to draw attention, making it a subtle and effective option for concealing small valuables in plain sight while maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

Hidden Bookcase Storage


Utilizing a bookcase for hidden storage or even to conceal an entire room provides both substantial space and an element of surprise. 

This method maintains the aesthetic of your living space while safeguarding valuables or creating a private retreat. The seamless integration ensures that it remains unnoticed by visitors or potential intruders.

Lettuce Storage


Using a compartment in your refrigerator designed to store lettuce as a hiding place is both clever and unconventional. It’s an unexpected location that offers a cool, clean environment, making it perfect for storing small items discreetly. This method benefits from the natural camouflage of being just another drawer in your fridge.

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