7 Things That Just Aren’t as Important as We Believe They Are 

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What may seem important, so much so that it looks like your future happiness and prosperity depend on it, could, in reality, be making your life more difficult. Otherwise, it could be a trivial matter that is nothing but a time waster.

It is easy to get caught up in a rat race or to want things to be perfect, but ultimately, life happens while you are busy doing less important things. Here are prime examples of things that seem like a big deal but are not. 

Other people’s opinions 

If someone does not like you, that is their problem, right? Most people want to think so, but in reality, other people’s opinions tend to haunt us. The truth is that others are just as busy worrying about what some other people think of them, and there is also a fact that everyone can’t like you. What matters is how you feel about yourself, and the rest will come to its place. 

Waiting for that day 

Many of us tend to wait for a perfect moment to start living our dreams without realizing the time is now. We don’t begin diets until Monday or delay starting a new hobby or business we always wanted after New Year’s Eve. When that time comes, we find reasons to stall some more. There are no guarantees in life, especially in these uncertain times, so what’s the point of waiting for things to appear perfect? 

Ruminating over the past 

Ruminating over what happened and being angry at people who betrayed you in the past is not healthy. All these bottled-up negative emotions are harming your life and clouding your present. It is not easy to forgive yourself or others, but it is a path to a better present and future. Holding onto grudges may seem important because some part of you thinks they define you, but that’s not the case. 

Shop until you drop 

No matter how many shoes or latest gadgets you have, someone has more, and even worse, there will be more on the market in the blink of an eye. It is exhausting to spend time trapped in the material world instead of nurturing relationships and investing time in experiences. There is nothing wrong with buying stuff, but if you spend more time thinking about it than you’d like to admit, it is a problem. 

Posing for another picture 

Another modern-day obsession is creating a perfect image on your social media accounts. The real issue is that “likes” seemingly determine our worth, and millions of social media stars seem to prove this to be true. However, the online world is removed from reality, and spending time perfecting it can only cause you anxiety and headaches. Your pictures don’t have to be perfect because real life is not, and pretending you’re a Sims character can only harm you. 

Being always right 

No one has all the answers, but even if you are winning an argument, perhaps the other person needs that victory today more than you. Even if that’s not the case, arguing will not increase your happiness, but it could leave you stressed out and overwhelmed, especially if you’re fighting with someone you care about. You shouldn’t be a pushover, but knowing when to retreat is a skill that will save you from frustrations, anger, and even broken connections. 

Keeping yourself busy 

Busyness is celebrated and encouraged, but at what cost? If you are overworking yourself, you may experience chronic stress, lack of motivation, and reduced productivity. Being constantly busy could also be a coping mechanism, a way to avoid dealing with your emotions. But these emotions won’t go away, and instead of putting in extra hours, it would be better to deal with them sooner rather than later. 

Kate Smith, a self-proclaimed word nerd who relishes the power of language to inform, entertain, and inspire. Kate's passion for sharing knowledge and sparking meaningful conversations fuels her every word.