Distressing Footage Shows Mom Handing Over Her Baby so She Can Join a Wild Supermarket Brawl

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In a busy supermarket but certainly not on a normal day, a shopper was caught on camera willingly passing her baby to someone else, all in order to participate in an exhilarating all-girl brawl.

Hair-Pulling and Punches Fly: Young Women Engage in Violent Brawl In Supermarket

Unsettling footage captured on June 1 reveals a group of young women relentlessly exchanging blows inside Woolworths Tamworth Eastpoint, NSW.

Within the video shared exclusively with 2GB, two girls can be seen forcefully pulling each other’s hair and throwing punches, while another girl is handing her baby to a man who had been shoved, enabling her to join the chaotic brawl.

While the girls stumbled down a nearby aisle, the woman unleashed a barrage of fists onto a man donning a red T-shirt and gripping a shopping basket.

Supermarket Aisle Transforms into Battleground While Man Risks Safety to Break Up the Fight

Without delay, the man passed the infant to a third person and immediately went to protect the young woman.

Amidst the ongoing fight, another man yelled, “Stop, stop, stop,” in an attempt to intervene and bring an end to the girls’ altercation.

The aisle became a scene of turmoil as a shopping basket and a display of soft drinks toppled over, while a minimum of four people clashed in a heated brawl. “Jesus Christ,” exclaimed the shopper who was capturing the chaotic brawl on film.

Verbal Attack Escalates: Man with Roast Chicken Bag Steps Forward

In a heated exchange, one of the girls directed offensive language towards the mother of the baby, saying, “F*** off you stupid dog c***.”

As the two men grappled on the floor, a man holding a bag of roast chicken attempted to intervene and separate them.

Witnessing the intense floor fight, a man who was holding a bag of roast chicken bravely stepped forward, trying to intervene and separate the two grappling men.

Reacting fiercely to his attacker, the man who held the baby exclaimed, “You’re starting on a family with a f***ing kid c***.”

Police Respond to Supermarket Brawl in Tamworth

According to a spokesperson from the NSW Police, officers were dispatched to a supermarket located on Peel Street in Tamworth in response to reports of a fight. 

The NSW Police spokesperson further stated that officers from the Oxley Police District were informed that a group of individuals engaged in a “verbal argument,” which eventually escalated into a “physical altercation.”

A Woolworths spokesperson stated: ‘We’re aware of an incident that occurred at our Eastpoint Tamworth store late last week and there’s no place for violence like this anywhere in our community.”

They added, “We’re offering team members who witnessed it access to counselling services, and we continue to assist police with their inquiries.”

The NSW Police have urged anyone who has any information regarding the incident to come forward and contact the police force.

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