Leave These 19 Things by Your Front Door to Stay Safe at All Times

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The fear of someone breaking into your house is a legitimate concern for many. In 2022, the FBI reported 847,522 burglaries, showing an increase from the previous year. Of these, 239,137 occurred during the daytime at the victim’s home, and 184,846 took place at night. To protect yourself whether you’re away or at home, here are 19 things you can place by your front door to enhance your safety.

Security Sign (Fake or Real)


Placing a realistic security yard sign in front of your home can make burglars think twice, regardless of whether you have an active security service. 

A clear, visible sign near the front steps, complemented by security stickers on your windows, adds an extra layer of deterrence without the need for an expensive alarm system.

Privacy Film 


Glass inserts or sidelights on entry doors look great when sunlight shines through but can also offer a clear view inside to prying eyes. 

Instead of resorting to heavy curtains, consider applying frosted privacy film to the glass. In addition to blocking the view from outside, it also lets light fill your entryway, adding both a decorative touch and a layer of privacy to your home.

Door Brace


If you’re concerned about break-ins or have teenagers at home alone, consider a door brace. A robust door brace, like can stop even the most persistent intruder. 

It fits under the doorknob and is secured by tightening a lever, making any door much harder to force open.

Old Boots/Shoes


Though it might seem unconventional, leaving an old pair of boots or shoes outside your front door when you’re out can create the illusion that someone is home, potentially deterring burglars. 

A worn pair from a thrift store works perfectly, adding to the believability of the scene. Just remember to bring them inside when you get back.

Peephole or Door Chain


Adding a peephole or door chain lets you check who’s at the door without opening it, offering security and peace of mind. It also removes the element of surprise for potential intruders.

House Numbers that Are Easy to See 


Ensure your house numbers are easy to see from the street. Large, bold numbers can speed up response times during emergencies by making it easier for first responders to locate your home. 

House numbers should be at least 6 inches tall and mounted on a contrasting background for optimal visibility.

Reinforced Door


Weak doors are easy targets for burglars. Opt for a solid-core steel or wood front door for maximum security. Don’t overlook the frame and jambs, as these can be vulnerabilities. 

While professional installation is recommended for new doors, you can also strengthen existing doors with reinforced strike plates, door chains, or braces. Using long screws for the strike plate can significantly enhance the door’s resistance to being forced open.

Upgrade the Glass


Enhancing the glass in and around your front door can deter burglars. If you have single-glazed windows, consider upgrading to double glazing or installing toughened (tempered) glass, which is significantly stronger and more resistant to forced entry.

Double Cylinder Locks


Double-cylinder locks, which require a key for both inside and outside unlocking, add an extra security layer. They’re among the most secure options available, making it harder for intruders to breach your home.

Deadbolt Lock


Installing a deadbolt lock is another effective step in fortifying your front door. Unlike standard locks, deadbolts use a solid metal bolt to secure the door, lacking the spring mechanism that’s easier to manipulate. 

Ensure your door type is compatible with a deadbolt for optimal security.

Replace the Hinges


Begin by replacing hinge screws with ones at least 2.5 inches long. Shorter screws pose a security risk. Additionally, hinge bolts can reinforce the door’s hinges by making it difficult to kick in or pry the door open.

Keypad Lock


Burglars admit they often enter homes using a key found outside. To counter this, replace traditional locks with keypad locks. 

Modern keypad locks offer features such as alarms, fingerprint scanners, and smart home connectivity, removing the need for hidden keys and enhancing your home’s security.

Pet Rescue Decals 


In case of a fire, pet rescue decals on your front door or window can save your pets’ lives by informing first responders about the animals inside your home. 

These decals should clearly state the number and types of pets to be rescued. You can often get them for free from organizations like the ASPCA, ensuring your pets are accounted for in emergencies.

Fake Video Camera 

Illustration. Image credit: Depositphotos.

A full-fledged video surveillance system is a valuable part of any home security strategy, but it can be pricey. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, consider a realistic dummy camera. 

Choose one with a wire and a blinking light to mimic the appearance of a working surveillance camera, deterring potential intruders without the hefty price tag.

Pocket Radio


Leaving a radio on near the front door when you’re out can create the impression someone is home. This simple and cost-effective measure can deter burglars who prefer to avoid occupied houses. 

It’s a smart way to protect your home and possessions with minimal effort.

Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


Burglars often enter through the front door, especially if they think they’re unobserved. A Wi-Fi video doorbell, such as the popular Ring model, can be a game-changer. 

It alerts you on your smartphone about anyone approaching your door and records video footage, providing peace of mind and deterring potential intruders who know their actions could be recorded.

Multi-point Locking System


Upgrading to a multi-point locking system enhances security significantly. With locks at three different points, these systems are embedded within the door, offering robust protection against tampering. 

They’re considered top-tier for front door security.

Motion Sensor Lights


Instead of leaving your porch light on all night, motion sensor lights offer a smarter security solution. These lights only activate when they detect movement, making it harder for burglars to approach undetected. 

Install them in strategic locations to cover approaches to your front door, ensuring they’re placed where they can receive sufficient sunlight if they’re solar-powered.

Security Door


For an added layer of protection, consider a security door made of durable materials like iron, steel, or tempered glass. Security doors allow you to enjoy natural light and fresh air while maintaining a secure barrier. 

They come in various styles to match your home’s aesthetic, though installation might require professional help. This is a long-term investment in your home’s security, offering peace of mind whether you’re home or away.

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