McDonald’s is Planning its Biggest Burger Yet and Some Customers Can Taste it Before Others

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Fast-food giant McDonald’s confirmed it was working on its largest burger yet, and testing will begin in a few months. Some claim it will be bigger than Burger King’s Whopper. 

The greatest McDonald’s ever

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The brand’s CFO, Ian Borden, brought all McDonald’s lovers the good news, though details are still under wraps. The testing will be done in the upcoming months, though the super-sized burger will likely not be available before December. The creation includes McDonald’s chefs worldwide and lots of experimenting with beef. 

It won’t be available everywhere

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The yet-to-be-named super-sized burger will not be available everywhere, though US fans will be introduced to it. The brand is looking for universal appeal. It was done with numerous tests with a McCrispy chicken sandwich until the fast food giant found the perfect taste. 

The chosen customers will taste the new burger and its variants 


CNN noted that McCrispy chicken sandwich now brings in some $25 billion in annual sales. That’s the same profit as products with beef. That’s why tasting and experimenting to create a burger will take months and lots of adjustments.  

The year of burgers


The brand promised to dedicate this year to burgers through its initiative, the Best Burger, and consumers in some parts of the world have already noticed changes, like meltier cheese, grilled onions, and softer buns. Additionally, McDonald’s is increasing the size of burgers. 

The initiative is bringing results 


Borden commented that the early results looked promising and showed improved quality and customer satisfaction customer scores. He noted that progress was possible whenever the company tapped into its full power. 

Current largest burger vs. competition 


McDonald’s biggest single-patty burger is still the Quarter Pounder. It is almost as large as Burger King’s Whopper, which has 670 calories. McDonald’s burger with cheese has 520 calories. The new product will likely be a new experience, though many things are still a mystery.

Prices are still unknown 

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It was implied that the largest burger would give the best value for the money. However, when it comes to its price, it is a guessing game. When the Double Big Mac returned for a limited time this January, it was around $7. This led many to believe that the giant unnamed burger would be in the same price range. 

The chain is expanding

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In December, McDonald’s announced that it would open around 10,000 new locations worldwide in the following three years, so by September 2027, one of the biggest fast food chains will have 50,000 locations. There is also CosMc, an updated McCafe that is more Starbucks-inspired.

CosMcs began their journey last December 


The first CosMc opened in late December 2023 in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Nine more are set to open soon, with one location in Dallas-Fort Worth and another in San Antonio. The menu focuses on drinks while burgers are in the background. McMuffins are also included. 

The McCrispy sandwich is growing, too

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The popular McCrispy chicken sandwich is not growing in size, but it is expanding, and by the end of 2025, it will be present in almost all locations worldwide. The company has plans to gain 250 million active loyalty program users by 2027, up from 150 million today. 

Big investments after a great year


McDonald’s earnings increased by nearly 17 percent to $2.32 billion in the third financial quarter of 2023. As CashNetUSA noted, the price of a Big Mac has gone up 125% since 1996, and despite last year’s price boost, the company enjoys great success with its loyal customers. 

The affordability issue


In February of this year, many people took to social media to complain about the overinflated prices of their favorite McDonald’s products. CEO Chris Kempczinski talked about affordability, noting that the company hasn’t noticed any changes in middle—and high-income groups. 

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