Most Common Ways People Get Manipulated By Their Zodiac Signs

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Some zodiac signs are considered master manipulators, while others are easy to take advantage of, so they need an extra layer of protection. Here are ways to protect yourself from getting manipulated based on your sign, plus three signs of the zodiac most likely to take advantage of others. 


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Aries are fun-loving planners and organizers. If you’re an Aries, people could take advantage of you by exhausting your leadership skills and adventurous spirit with their passive behavior. 


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Loyalty is a double-edged sword for Taurus. If you want to avoid being exploited, you can still be present for all your friends, but only if they are showing the same respect for your time and your feelings.  


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The two-faced Gemini is known for its upbeat nature. People want to latch onto their positivity, but luckily for all Geminis, there will be hell to pay once they catch them. 



Generous Cancers are often victims of selfishness by the ones they love the most. If you are a Cancer, your world revolves around your loved ones, and if they show little or no appreciation for you, they could be taking advantage of you. 


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When Leo walks into a room, everyone stares. Leos have magnificent social skills, which allow them to get whatever they want. However, people can easily abuse Leo’s charm and ability to make friends, so they need to be careful about who they let into their circle. 


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Virgos are constantly cleaning other people’s messes. If you are a Virgo, you are likely focused on solving problems. Your admirable trait can be abused by those who think it is your job to go after them and care for their every need. But it is not, so don’t let them!


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Libras are supportive and loyal friends who take pride in their relationships. But peace-loving Libras get hurt by indifference and betrayal, so they must learn to establish boundaries and not get their hearts broken. 



Scorpios do not have many enemies because people are naturally afraid of them. However, they are also emotional and caring when it comes to the people they are closest to. People might see your emotional side as a weakness and even use those you love to manipulate you. However, once a Scorpio unleashes a torrent of emotions, anyone who tries messing with you or your loved ones will be in for a surprise. 



Sagittarians are laid-back and friendly and like to stay in the spotlight and out of drama. People might try to push you into their chaos or attack your chill approach to life. As soon as you notice someone is doing their best to break your peace, move on. 


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Ambitious Capricorns are hard workers despite making it appear like things fall into their lap. Capricorns also have great self-control, but if you try to exploit their ambition, they will spread rumors and use their well-known manipulation techniques because you do not mess with Capricorn’s successes. 



Dubbed the most innovative sign of the zodiac, Aquarians love to share their wisdom and knowledge. People who want to take advantage of an Aquarius will make them do things for them, from homework to doing their job, so despite your incredible desire to make everyone as sharp as you, don’t allow people to manipulate you into wasting your time and knowledge by playing into their sneakiness and laziness. 



Pisceans are not likely to stand up for themselves, which makes them easy targets. It does not help that Pisces goes silent as a means of self-preservation and conserving harmony. If you don’t want to be manipulated, try speaking up, and remember many people love and support you, even while you’re struggling to find your voice. Keep reading to get to know the master manipulators in the zodiac. 

Power hungry

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You can’t be ambitious and hungry for success without leaving disarray behind you. Capricorns often choose the prize over morals because their decision-making is clouded by their desire to thrive. Yet, there are two signs far more dangerous.  

All about charisma 

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Endlessly charming and irresistible, Leos will use their powers of seduction to get what they want, making them one of three signs most likely to take advantage of others. Proud yet power-hungry, Leos get what they want and don’t look back. 

Opportunism at its finest 

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Aries is thought to be the most manipulative sign in the zodiac. They take advantage of others by taking opportunities regardless of what or whom they leave behind. Bold and adventurous, some Aries enjoy manipulating more than others. What else could you expect from the number one sign in the zodiac? 

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