Top 15 Things Americans Are Fed Up of Hearing Over and Over Again 

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People are usually annoying, especially when they’re constantly repeating the same things. It seems like an endless circle of the same people and places, fake and actual news, so most Americans feel stuck in Groundhog Day. Here are some of the most tiring things, according to Americans, shared across the web. 

Americans are fat and lazy

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One of the most common stereotypes about Americans is that they are all lazy and obese. In reality, the US was ranked 15th among the most obese countries in the world. Despite the pandemic and scrolling through the internet, Americans are trying to get healthier. The US obesity peaked between 2007 and 2009, so this is outdated and inaccurate information. 

False meaning of life 


Some Americans are fed up with questions regarding starting families and procreating. These questions are so common yet profoundly intrusive and highly personal. Despite some saying your life is worthless unless you’re a parent, a good portion of Americans disagree. Perhaps they will change their minds, but it will be on their terms. 

Donald Trump 

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Even some Republicans are tired of hearing about Trump because there are such things as knowing too much about someone’s everyday business. There are updates on Trump’s Truth Social posts, his lawyers, children, and every single case he was ever involved in, so Americans are watching the Trump show 24/7. 

Because God said so 

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Despite the high number of Christians, which dominate the nation, the US is known for its acceptance of all religions. But, for some people, even saying, “May God bless you” all the time can be annoying because they are atheists, which is perfectly legal. Many Americans want to stop the religious talks and use their efforts for something meaningful. 

No one wants to work anymore 

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Most people are fed up by some telling them that no one wants to work. People want to work, but they need decent salaries and working hours. Only a handful get to work what they love, and the rest really only want the money and jobs that do not eat their souls. 

Politicians spreading lies 

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This is a global issue, and thanks to the 24-hour news cycle and social media, politicians are getting bolder while people are getting fed up. Americans are tired of inflation, talk about raising the retirement age, and spend taxpayers’ money on meaningless discussions among two leading parties. 

Meaningless advises 


Telling someone to “stop thinking about it” or that self-care is vital is like telling them that water is wet. Instead of stating the obvious, many Americans are looking for conversations with deeper meanings. Even silence appears to be better than meaningless and annoying advice. 

Awards shows

shake hand business
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It was fun while it lasted, but many US citizens are tired of the same old award shows. They started blending long ago, mainly thanks to remixes, remakes, reboots, and boring fashion choices. 

The Kardashians


It is not that people have anything against the Kardashians personally, but after nearly two decades of knowing their every move, it became tiresome. Some complained they involuntarily learned everything they never wanted to know about the family, and despite their show being over, they started a new one. It is a never-ending cycle. 


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Approximately 10 percent of US adults suffer from tinnitus, or ringing in their ears. With the lack of specialists regarding this condition and no real cure, Americans are fed up. Some even claim there is an epidemic of tinnitus, though no one seems to pay enough attention. 



More than 90% of Americans have a co-worker that irritates them and over half of US workers considered quitting over that co-worker. What makes an annoying co-worker? Interrupting, taking credit for someone else’s work, and oversharing, especially on topics of politics, religion, and their personal lives. 

More streaming services 

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There are already too many streaming services to choose from, but as soon as a new one arrives, people go wild. It always promises unique content and experience but rarely delivers. Plus, there is an additional cost of paying for another streaming service despite not having time to watch what’s on the ones you’re already paying for. 

Hearing that Americans lack diversity 


The US is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. Its citizens have ancestors from every corner of the globe. The country is not perfect, but people are tired of hearing that there needs to be more diversity in the States, especially from those whose citizens are predominantly of the same ethnicity. 

America’s lack of geography knowledge


There are many misconceptions about Americans, and not knowing geography is one of the most common. It is usually followed by memes and other ways to make Americans appear uneducated, but the reality is much more complex. The US is a country of over 335 million people, and seeing one viral video of someone mistaking Africa for a country does not mean everyone is that oblivious. 

The elections 

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65% of Americans were exhausted with the current state of American politics in a 2023 survey by the Pew Research Center. It was apparent there would be a rematch from 2020, and just like the last time, people are tired of hearing this will be the most important election of all time.

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